1 hour?….no way

I haven’t blogged for a week or so, i have been thinking, I have been remembering and I have  been experiencing hypnotherapy.

What a relaxing, mind clearing feeling. It’s amazing how deep your thoughts actually go when you are presented with piece and calm.

I promised that I would share my experiences, my motivators and my inspirations. This is one of them.

At first I was sceptical and felt that, apart from TV shows, this couldn’t be done. It’s not all like that believe me.

As I lay there wondering and listening I began believing that it wouldn’t work. The horrible feelings and emotions that would haunt me just took over like they usually do.

Then, I was asked how long I thought that took? I thought about 5 minutes and was amazed when I was told that it had been an hour!

My eyes opened, slightly watery and feeling quite light headed, I couldn’t, or struggled to remember what was said to me.

Do I feel better? Well, after my second session I can honestly say that although I still have these thoughts, they are no where near as bad. I feel that I have focus again and a basic ability to control my woes.

My therapist, my savour is a wonderful man. He has a beautiful ability to listen and guide where my thoughts had led me and aided me to take back control of my thoughts.

I was taken back by how I just told him everything that concerned me. He was like a friend that I had known all my life. I felt comfortable, relaxed and free.

Even he was surprised when I spoke about my father, who is no longer with us,  and how I thought of him to help me through difficult times.

I felt tearful but didn’t shed a tear. I felt hopeless but was given hope. I felt alone and then realised that I am loved by many.

I will continue my sessions as they help. For some it may not, but for me they are.

Sometimes people just need a little guidance and help. What better place to get it than from us, the bloggers, the carers, the ones that take the time to share what we learn and experience.

Never Stop Trying and remember, you are never alone

Furry Friends

To relieve the stresses and worries of life our furry friends are always there.  Their love is available 24/7 whatever the hour.  Their comfort and affection comes with no price tag.  All they ask is that we love them back.  They will never let you down, never leave your side and will be there through thick and thin.


Doug & Doris

My pugs are my family, my pugs are my friends

My pugs are my soulmates, my pugs eat my pens

Rain or shine my pugs are full of love

Wind or rain my pugs hide my glove

Grunting and snoring they keep me awake

At a moment’s notice they scramble for cake

They cuddle, they lick and fill me with laughter

Like a fairy tale with a happy ever after

These are my pugs and I love them


You are never alone.  Never stop trying

Take care

My Wife, My Inspiration

My Wife

My wife is my soulmate my wife is my soul

My wife is loving my wife is my all

She offers her guidance she offers her life

Her love is pure and be cut by no knife

She wipes away my tears she touches my hand

Her beautiful smile so prominent and grand

Her reassurance puts my mind at ease

Her calming words like a soft sea breeze

Her heart is warm her love is rife

I love her dearly I love my wife


Love the ones around you, love the ones far away, love the ones who are no longer with us and tell them your love is here to stay. Never Stop Loving and Never Stop Trying.

Take care and remember that you are never alone

The Warrior

What do you do?  You dread the alarm clock going off in the morning and look at the clock every hour worrying that you only have a few hours sleep left.  The questions going around your head with no apparent answers.  You won’t switch off because you can’t.  Your scared, frightened, and feel there is no answer.  Before you know it your automatic response to getting ready forces you out of bed.  The worries slightly subside as you are focusing on something else but they are still there, haunting you.






This cant be happening to me at my age.  Bullying is something that happens at school, right? WRONG!, Bullies come in every form, men, women, young or old.  Why do they enjoy bullying me?  You will probably find that they are so self-centred and ignorant that they probably don’t even realise they are doing it.  They are so swallowed up in their own objectives that they fail to see the destruction they leave behind.

They believe they are untouchable, the best, the only person better than them is….no one!  You panic when they enter the room and even if you are up-to—date with everything, you pretend that you are doing something constructive.  You don’t want the confrontation, the stress or belittlement.

It always amazed me the way they speak to me, surely, they must know how they are conducting themselves.  But guess what?  You are the warrior, the knight in shining armour that can defeat the enemy at every battle.  You are more powerful, more intelligent and more in control than you think.

Do not allow this to go on.  I know that you don’t want to upset the way of life and fear that you could be penalised for speaking out.  If you don’t, you become even more of a victim.  Never be afraid, there are people that can help.  Please don’t let it eat you up, you are the stronger person, you are the WARRIOR.


Never stop trying

Take care

The Monster

I understand that I have my worries.  I understand that others have worries too.  But when the worries you have take control of your every day life you quickly forget that others around you have worries at all.

I remember saying that a problem shared is a problem halved.  But what if there is no one to share the problem with?  Do you continue to allow this monster to control your life?  Every waking minute of every day festering at the back of your mind is that worry that won’t leave you alone.  You have better minutes and hours throughout the day and sometimes have moments when you are so busy that the monster hides away and you can focus again and bring yourself to smile.

When there are moments that are worry free, you can begin to worry why you are not worrying. I’ve been there, first hand.  Your loved ones begin to feel helpless as their soothing words are no longer soothing, and their hugs can no longer be felt.  You bring yourself to say that you are feeling better to ease their concern’s, but deep down inside the monster is still attacking you.

Is your friend the internet?  You search for hours and hours looking for the answer that you want to find.  You dismiss the ones that are guiding you to get the help that you so desperately need.  If I had a magic wand that could switch off that worry and send the monster away I would.  The restless nights and the smallest of noises that you would otherwise sleep through become louder and louder.  Your first thought is to immediately allow the monster to come out and play.  That’s what it wants, to control you and feed off of your fears.

Some may ask what on earth I am talking about, but for those who have suffered and come face to face with the monster know that unless you take control of it, negotiate with it and lock it away, it will always be there and grow bigger and larger feeding from your worry, your stress and fear.  I know, I have met mine on numerous occasions.  What scared me the most was asking why it picked me, why it was attacking my thoughts and controlling my life.  Was I weak?  Was I an easy target? or was it my fault that I was over thinking too much and analysing every detail more than everyone else.

I had moments of terrorising thoughts, chest pains and cold sweats and waking up soaking in wet sheets.  Another worry, then another and worrying about those worries.  Will this ever go away and leave me alone.  What is the answer I so desperately seek and who is the person I so desperately need to see?

Never be afraid, never feel that you are alone and never be concerned that its embarrassing to tell someone that you need help.  You have choices, you have options and you do have help available if you ask.  Do you know someone that needs your help, they may be waiting for you to ask?  The mind works in mysterious ways and yet is an amazing creation.  There are charities and organisations that are available 24/7 that will always guide you and will always listen to you.  Don’t be embarrassed, don’t be shy and remember you are never truly alone.

Take care and never stop trying

A Friend In Need

He was a lovely old man.  He always took the time to say hello and stop for a chat. You should never ask someone their age but I would gauge him about 90.  Nothing ever stopped him, walking, shopping and getting his hair done, although it never needed doing as he was always well turned out.  I knew he lived down the road somewhere and never really gave it a second thought.  Every now and again I would see him and his walking stick in the town.  I would always stop for a chat or a passing hello.  I was a little shocked when he tooted me one day as he drove past!  He was a right little warrior and nothing would get in his way.

I was quite surprised one year when we received a Christmas card from him.  A lovely thought which prompted me to pop out and find out where he lived.  I found out from the local barbers that he went to.  A nice box of Christmas biscuits and a card delivered to his door.  He was over the moon.  I think he was more pleased that someone came to visit him.  We had a chat on the doorstep for a few minutes where I gave him my number should he ever need anything.  It was the least I could do as he was all alone.  I didn’t poke my nose into his business but it was the right thing to do right?

Every now and again I would get the occasional phone call asking if I needed anything from the shops?  It was meant to be the other way around.  As the weeks and months moved on I discovered that he had a love for lemon drizzle cake so the wife set to work making him a nice cake so he could have with his afternoon tea.  What’s a few eggs and a lemon I thought.  It was never a problem for me as he only lived down the road.

It was another Christmas that I called and got no answer.  I left a message asking if he was alright and assumed that he was on the phone or out in his car doing handbrake turns.  I got a card and biscuit’s again and popped round.  There was no answer at the door so I called the house phone.  I could hear it ringing from the door step and thought he must be out again.  I had been in this situation before but before I decided to kick the door in I went back and asked the barber if they had seen him recently.  They hadn’t seen him and called another elderly bloke that he knew.  he hadn’t heard from him either.

I had a moral obligation to do something so I went back to the house again and knocked even louder and rang on all three door bells.  Why he had three I don’t know.  I heard what I thought was a grown coming from inside, then some scuffling and some clattering by the door.  A moment of relief when I realised that there was movement from inside.

The door opened very slowly and from behind the door was the frail old man looking in a poor state.  Hair all over the place he didn’t really know what was going on.  Are you alright bill I asked.  Not really mate he said, I haven’t been able to get out and I’m feeling a bit down.  Well I wasn’t going to have that so after he invited me in my soul purpose was to lift his spirits.  Even by me being there I could see that he was starting to improve.  There wasn’t a single light in his house and when I asked why he said that they had all blown and he couldn’t change them.  I wasn’t going say that he should have called me because it had gone past that stage.

I changed all his lights so he could see at night as all he had been using was a torch which had now run out of batteries.  I offered to make the tea and he gladly accepted.  The kitchen was awful, rotten food on the floor, the sink was beyond filthy and the entire room was full of dead and living fruit flies.  This was not good.  I knew he was a proud man so I asked if I could just clean up a bit.  Slightly embarrassed he agreed.  I knew he didn’t want to but deep down I knew he was aware that he had let things slip.

After cleaning up as much as I could I sat down on the only clear chair in the place.  Right bill, I’m going to get you some help.  A few phone calls and a couple of hours later help was on the way.  A local age concern charity and the local authority were coming to his aid.  They spoke with bill and offered a variety of things, handles, alarm buttons and cords, cleaners and help with forms etc.  I could see that he was happy that the much-needed help he craved for was on its way.

Bill told me that he wanted to move into a home where there were others just like him and with more help available at the press of a button.  I felt like I didn’t want to get too much involved so I asked if he had any relatives.  He had relatives about 20 miles away but had forgotten their number?  A quick look in the diary and hey presto, there it was.  The relative.  I called them up and they thought bill had moved away and lost contact.  How wrong they were.  I was a little frustrated that they didn’t at least pop round like I did if they thought that, but it is what it is I suppose.

Relatives aware bill now lives in a lovely warden assisted place and couldn’t be happier.  I still pop down to see him once a week or so and he still phones.  How paths cross in life I thought.  If I missed that first hello or his Christmas card was posted to the wrong address where would he be now.  Bill had no one and now he has.  He is reunited with loved ones and has an amazing circle of friends.

The sad thing is that there are thousands of elderly people out there that need your help.  That simple hello or a ten-minute phone call.  Never forget them as you will be old one day too.  There are agencies, charity groups and help available if you have a concern about an elderly friend or relative. I did and Bill couldn’t be happier. I will leave you with this quote; – A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Take care

Slow and Steady

Being new to blogging I found it difficult to find things to write about.  I am slowly and steadily getting to grips with blogging etiquette and content.  Depending where you read will hopefully point you in the right direction.

I have spent hours reading and trying my best to digest everything I need to know.  Can a blog be too short or too long?.  Make sure my tagline contains relevant words that people search for etc etc.  If I’m perfectly honest I thought it was going to be an uphill struggle.  I have only been doing this a few days and based on my current stats I have only had three views and I think two of those were me.

There are millions of ads and advice services that offer help bringing traffic to your blog.  Everyone wants to be an immediate success and be known within the blogging community as a hero who earns thousands by blogging.  I’m sure you can earn a fortune blogging and by finding the right niche in the market.  Now don’t get me wrong everyone would love to receive an email asking to advertise on your site for x amount and I would like to think it will happen but I’m not about that.  What will be will be I say.

Am I open to criticism? of course I am.  No one likes to be criticised and no one definitely likes to be told they are rubbish at something.  I am sure that eventually when others look at my site, apart from me, I will get shot down in flames.  I will read it, learn from it and just get on with it.

The problem with the internet nowadays is trying to sound genuine.  I have looked at thousands of websites and articles offering various ideas and suggestions.  The problem is, if like me, you doubt most things you read.  That old saying that if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is, is sound advice.

There have been times in my life when the going got tough with partners, kids, money and other things.  Sometimes it really got me down but I always got through it.  The hours of research spent on the web mentioned that I am not allowed to be negative or talk about my woes as this will only deter others from reading your blogs.  That struck me as slightly strange.  Surely everyone who blogs don’t lead a charmed trouble-free life unless you are really fortunate.

The world has moved into the cyber dimension and everything is about the internet, smart phones, tablets.  People’s phones are their lives and their lives are on their phones.  Billions of hours every year are no doubt spent with people surfing the internet for millions of different things.  Even I have done it.  First thing in the morning and last thing at night, having a coffee or sitting on the train.  Most people travel with extra power packs because they simply cannot afford to get a flat battery.  I’ve got one myself!

I have got hundreds of scenarios in my brain and personal experiences that I have dealt with over the years.  People search for these scenarios every minute of the day and try to find the best solution.  The problem I have is trying to put them into blogs so that hopefully by someone reading one means I can help.  All I can say is that I am genuine, I am honest and my situations are real and truthful.

There is no need to be alone worrying and living in a world of panic and stress. You can talk, just ask. That old saying that a problem shared is a problem halved is so true.  You may well be able to relate to what I blog about and help someone else.  The niche subject could be anything your good at and I like to think that I can get out there and help people on the internet.  Believe me I’ve done it in person for years.

Now, although I can write and type it’s no good talking to myself.  I need to further my own knowledge and understanding of how to get people reading my blogs.  I am on twitter and Facebook but with limited followers and people following me that I don’t even know or people telling me to look at their photos in bios (you know what I mean).  There are thousands of scammers so I have to tread carefully.

I could type forever but I get concerned that I start to waffle on.  I will do my utmost to connect with my future followers and hopefully you will be reading one of my blogs one day and relate to it.

Take care and try not to worry.  You are never alone