Playground To Patrol

I haven’t been blogging for a while as I needed to focus my attention on something. That something was a book. It focused my mind and gave me an opportunity to channel my thoughts and emotions.

I have never written anything like this in my life but it’s been bugging me to get it done. Every morning I would wake up and remind myself that I need to do it.

There has been positive feedback so far and I didn’t think it would ever get to the finished article but it has.  Like most people we have our up and downs in life and drown ourselves in the negatives.

I wanted to do something that would always be around for years to come, something for my children to read when they get older and something I could say ‘I done that’.

I Sought remedies to help me through my dark times and it has helped. So much so that the book has been written and is now on Amazon. The title, Playground to Patrol.

The description is below

A story of a young man aspiring to achieve his dream job. He never stopped trying and would never take no for an answer. Follow James throughout his tough, yet rewarding career. The high’s and low’s, the trauma and tears and the rewards and laughter. Policing was the career James chose, the life choice he made, and the commitment and compassion that he gave. I do solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that I will well and truly serve the queen in the office of constable, with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality, upholding fundamental human rights and according equal respect to all people; and that I will, to best of my power, cause the peace to be kept and preserved and prevent all offences against people and property; and that while I continue to hold the said office I will to be the best of my skill and knowledge discharge all the duties thereof faithfully according to law. I will, James said……





Knives for lives

A knife for a life, so frequent, so sad,

The gangs, the hatred, the hurt is so bad,

I know why you carry, to protect and be strong,

To defend, to be part of the dream you so long,

Think of the life, the fear of your victim,

Look for a weapon in draws of your kitchen,

This planet is ours, for all of us to share,

No postcode boundaries or different colours to wear,

You can change and make that one bold move,

Break free, have faith, if not you will lose,

I know it’s hard, the stigma and fighting,

When your friend is laying there breathless, it’s frightening,

Think of the innocents, the ones who care,

The love, the thought and the feelings we share,

The emergency staff try so desperately to save,

Your friend, your loved one I miss them, I crave,

Please stop this mindless pain and killing,

The path of life shouldn’t be so chilling,

Think twice before you reach for that blade,

A knife for a life, in prison for a decade

Never Stop Trying

Take care

The Commute

I look at them every day. The lives of thousands going about their business. Thousands of different souls with all of them on a different path in life.

What are they thinking and where are they going?. Who knows….I walk through the station and can’t help but think of all these people serving the same life objective. Get up, work, go home. Like soldier ants building their homes.

What are their concerns, their worries and their stresses? What I do know is this. We are not alone with our problems. There is always someone worse off, someone better off, but I also know this. We can always do our best, achieve, support each other, care and love. Be kind, caring and show compassion. They are the riches of life and what we should all aim for.

Why are we afraid to say hello or how are you? Life gets swallowed up by routine and robotic human functions. Say hello to a stranger, talk to that person who needs help, offer advice when it’s needed.

I am on the train while writing this, thinking these thoughts. Find yourself, find life and live it to the best of your ability. Love those that love you and care for those who are less fortunate. Never Stop Trying, keep going and stay strong….always.

Take care

The Worry

Its 1.15am and I’m laying in bed knowing that I can’t sleep. I know I worry too much. Health, life, finances, the future to name but a few.

It really grips hold of me at night. Can I support my loved ones, will I see old age. Round and round the thoughts wiz through my head.

I try to comfort myself and know that I am lucky to have an amazing wife and beautiful children but I always think I’m running out of time.

Im 42 and know that I’ve got years left in me. Everyone tells me to live for today and I agree and smile. Yet inside im struggling to control the fear.

Mid life crisis, perhaps, but this is awful. My escape is to talk about it. Share my feelings with people I don’t know. I’m not shy or bothered that I can open up to strangers. It’s the first step right?.

Ive been there for many and still offer guidance and advice to others. Yet I struggle too. What if? What if? Is like for every solution I think off it’s followed by a what if and I’m back where I started!

Trust me sweetheart, we will be alright my wife says. I hug my kids and give them everything. I know there are people worse off I see it every day.

Am I selfish or weak? Am I trying too hard and stressing too much? I just don’t know. I know it’s late and I know I will be tired in the morning but I feel there’s no point trying to sleep when I can’t.

I hope everything will be ok, I’m trying my best and I keep trying, really I do. Apologoies if there are any typos…..

Take care


1 hour?….no way

I haven’t blogged for a week or so, i have been thinking, I have been remembering and I have  been experiencing hypnotherapy.

What a relaxing, mind clearing feeling. It’s amazing how deep your thoughts actually go when you are presented with piece and calm.

I promised that I would share my experiences, my motivators and my inspirations. This is one of them.

At first I was sceptical and felt that, apart from TV shows, this couldn’t be done. It’s not all like that believe me.

As I lay there wondering and listening I began believing that it wouldn’t work. The horrible feelings and emotions that would haunt me just took over like they usually do.

Then, I was asked how long I thought that took? I thought about 5 minutes and was amazed when I was told that it had been an hour!

My eyes opened, slightly watery and feeling quite light headed, I couldn’t, or struggled to remember what was said to me.

Do I feel better? Well, after my second session I can honestly say that although I still have these thoughts, they are no where near as bad. I feel that I have focus again and a basic ability to control my woes.

My therapist, my savour is a wonderful man. He has a beautiful ability to listen and guide where my thoughts had led me and aided me to take back control of my thoughts.

I was taken back by how I just told him everything that concerned me. He was like a friend that I had known all my life. I felt comfortable, relaxed and free.

Even he was surprised when I spoke about my father, who is no longer with us,  and how I thought of him to help me through difficult times.

I felt tearful but didn’t shed a tear. I felt hopeless but was given hope. I felt alone and then realised that I am loved by many.

I will continue my sessions as they help. For some it may not, but for me they are.

Sometimes people just need a little guidance and help. What better place to get it than from us, the bloggers, the carers, the ones that take the time to share what we learn and experience.

Never Stop Trying and remember, you are never alone

Furry Friends

To relieve the stresses and worries of life our furry friends are always there.  Their love is available 24/7 whatever the hour.  Their comfort and affection comes with no price tag.  All they ask is that we love them back.  They will never let you down, never leave your side and will be there through thick and thin.


Doug & Doris

My pugs are my family, my pugs are my friends

My pugs are my soulmates, my pugs eat my pens

Rain or shine my pugs are full of love

Wind or rain my pugs hide my glove

Grunting and snoring they keep me awake

At a moment’s notice they scramble for cake

They cuddle, they lick and fill me with laughter

Like a fairy tale with a happy ever after

These are my pugs and I love them


You are never alone.  Never stop trying

Take care

My Wife, My Inspiration

My Wife

My wife is my soulmate my wife is my soul

My wife is loving my wife is my all

She offers her guidance she offers her life

Her love is pure and be cut by no knife

She wipes away my tears she touches my hand

Her beautiful smile so prominent and grand

Her reassurance puts my mind at ease

Her calming words like a soft sea breeze

Her heart is warm her love is rife

I love her dearly I love my wife


Love the ones around you, love the ones far away, love the ones who are no longer with us and tell them your love is here to stay. Never Stop Loving and Never Stop Trying.

Take care and remember that you are never alone